Cheery Colorado

Learn something new about the Centennial state now! Here are our favorite fun facts about Colorado!
Cheery Colorado
  • The first license plate was issued in Colorado.
  • It’s illegal to throw snowballs at people or buildings in Aspen, Colorado.
  • The state is home to one of the largest sets of dinosaur tracks in the world.

  • Colorado is the only state to turn down the Olympics. State voters chose not to host the Olympics because of the cost.


  • The first world rodeo was held in Colorado in 1869.
  • Colorado means “colored red”.

  • The thirteenth step of the state capitol building is 1 mile high above sea level.
  • The highest ski lift in North America is located in Colorado. It’s 13,000 feet high.

  • The first Teddy Bear was invented in Colorado.
  • The Eisenhower Tower, located in Colorado, is the highest auto tunnel in the world. It is 11,158 feet above sea level. 
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