Fabulous Florida

Want to create a sunny mood? Have a look at these fascinating facts you may not know about the Sunshine state!
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Fabulous Florida
  • Florida has more toll roads than any other state.
  • There are more golf courses in Florida than in any other state.
  • The oldest European settlement in North America, St. Augustine, is located in Florida.
  • There’s a museum in Sanibel which owns two million shells.
  • Clearwater is a city with the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita in the US.
  • The city with the highest average temperature in the USA is located in Florida: it’s Key West.
  • The state is the largest producer of watermelons, tomatoes, and sugar in the country.
  • In terms of area, Jacksonville is the biggest city in the United States.
  • One of the two round lakes of the world is located in Florida. 
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