From Madrid to Alicante by Car – Part II

After you have wandered around atmospheric Toledo, experienced the passion of the Córdoba flamenco, and enjoyed Seville’s picturesque parks, you should visit Ronda, Málaga, Alicante, and Torrevieja.
From Madrid to Alicante by Car – Part II

Spain still has so much to offer its visitors so let's continue our adventure where we left off! After you have wandered around atmospheric Toledo, experienced the passion of the flamenco, and enjoyed Seville's picturesque parks, you should visit Ronda, Malaga, Alicante, and Torrevieja.


Ronda is probably one of the most picturesque cities in Spain; situated on a steep cliff, the city offers truly stunning and spectacular views! To enjoy them to the fullest, go to the Puente Nuevo bridge that unites the slopes of a 130-meter-deep gorge! Believe me, this view will certainly take your breath away!

Moreover, there are a lot of remains of Neolithic human settlements scattered around the city's neighborhoods. History buffs should visit Cueva de la Pileta to explore prehistoric rock paintings!

Must-see list: Puente Nuevo, Puente Viejo, the Bullring, Fountain of Eight Spouts, Cuenca Gardens.


Malaga welcomes its visitors with the bright sun blazing overhead and tropical plants with colorful foliage! Malaga being one of the oldest seaport cities of the Mediterranean Sea has a rich and vivid history. Alcazaba de Malaga that once was a stronghold of the Moorish Kings now houses the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts and the Archaeology Museum.

If you feel a bit tired of sightseeing, have yourself a good time taking a long walk along white-sand beaches of Malaga or enjoying blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Must-see list: Alcazaba de Malaga, the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation, The Cathedral of Malaga, el Teatro Romano.

Alicante and salt lakes of Torrevieja

Alicante that is located on the Costa Blanca is another popular summer destination; its mild climate and gorgeous beaches attract thousands of tourists every year! Sunlit streets dappled with fanciful shadows cast by tropical plants invite to promenade along them. While enjoying the curative power of Alicante's sea air, be sure to spare some time to visit the city's most remarkable landmarks; believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Castillo de Santa Barbara situated on the top of a very high hill is a must-see tourist attraction! It fascinates its visitors with both panoramic views and fantastic history. For fans of recreational activities, there are two large pink-water salt lakes; Las Salinas de Torrevieja; that are only 30 miles south of Alicante!

Must-see list: Santa Barbara Castle, Basilica of Santa Maria, Port of Alicante, The Explanada de Espana, Playa de San Juan.

Unfortunately, all good things, as well as our journey, come to an end. It’s time to return to Madrid. I hope my Spain travel story will help you enjoy your vacations to the fullest and get to know this wonderful country better!

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