Heartwarming Hawaii

The beautiful islands of Hawaii are ready to tell you their secrets! Learn more about this magnificent place!
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Heartwarming Hawaii
  • There are no snakes in Hawaii and it’s illegal to smuggle snakes into the state. Please don’t bring your snakes with you, thanks.
  • The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters. Probably, that’s the reason so many Hawaiian words are so difficult to pronounce for non-locals!
  • The state is completely billboard-free.
  • There are no casinos in Hawaii and gambling is illegal there.
  • The state doesn’t have an ethnic majority. Each ethnicity is a minority, including the Native Hawaiian.
  • Hawaii is the only state to grow its own coffee. If you see coffee made in the US, it was made in Hawaii.
  • Hawaii’s landmass is constantly growing because of volcanic eruptions. The biggest contributor to its growth is Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world.
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