How on Earth to Celebrate Earth Day?

Celebrate Earth Day and raise your environmental awareness.
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How on Earth to Celebrate Earth Day?

On April 22, more than 193 countries including the United States will celebrate Earth Day! It's a good reason to think of a few things you can do to make our planet better, cleaner, and greener! If you are looking for a bunch of inspirational ideas, this article is just the thing for you!

Raise Your Awareness

There are a lot of Earth Day-related events held across the country, so the best thing to start with is to go to one of them to raise your environmental awareness.

Use Your Vehicle Less

Biking or walking to your work or school will not only help maintain a healthy body but also make the air cleaner.

businessman on a bicycle



Perform an 'Act of Green'

Proposed by the Earth Day Network, an 'Act of Green' is a tradition kept by many wildlife and environmental organizations across the USA - they celebrate Earth Day by planting trees. You can join one of them as a volunteer and help create a green health-friendly city or you may just as well build a beautiful flower bed in your backyard.

Don't Buy Bottled Water

Plastic waste doesn't biodegrade.

Don't buy bottled water


Seal Leaking Pipes

Check for hidden leaks, the main source of water waste.

Help the Wildlife

Participate in the 'Adopt an Animal' campaign held by a local zoo or reserve. Pick an animal you would like to take care of and feed.

Get Rid of Regular Lightbulbs

Use LED lights that don't contain toxic chemicals such as mercury.

Getrid of regular lightbulbs


Donate to an Environmental Organization

This is probably the surest and easiest way to help our planet is to entrust it all to environmentalists.

And finally, 

Enjoy Nature

While involving yourself in the activities above don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the world, e.g.: take a long walk in the park.


Enjoy nature - it is your best friend



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