Marvelous Maryland

Do you think you know everything about the Old Line State? This collection of interesting facts will help you check your knowledge!
Marvelous Maryland
  • The Baltimore Ravens were named after Edgar Poe’s poem “The Raven”.
  • The first school in the USA was opened in Maryland in 1696. It was King William’s School.

  • The first dental school in the USA was opened in the state.
  • Annapolis, Maryland, is known as the Sailing capital of the world.


  • The first post office in the country was created in Maryland in 1774.
  • The first telegraph line In the world was set up between Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Annapolis, Maryland, was the capital of the USA from 1783-1784.
  • Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. It has an average violent crime rate of 1,417 per 100,000 residents.

  • Maryland’s state exercise is walking. 
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