Radiant Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it is definitely strong in its character! Let’s learn more about the Ocean State!
Radiant Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island has its own state pet – it’s the cutest Big Blue Bug on the side on the highway in Providence.
  • Polo was played for the first time in the USA in 1876 in Newport, Rhode Island.

  • The first circus in the USA was opened in Newport in 1774.
  • The state is home to the Tennis Hall of Fame.
  • The state’s official name is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Rhode Island

  • The state’s official drink is coffee milk.
  • The portrait of George Washington on the $1 bill was created by a Rhode Island native artist.
  • The first-ever golf tournament was played in Rhode Island.

  • The state never approved of the 18th Amendment, also known as Prohibition.
  • The White Horse Tavern was built and opened in 1673. It is the oldest operating tavern in the United States.

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