The deadly magnificent Yellowstone

American nature sometimes can be scary! Read about Yellowstone supervolcano and prepare to be thrilled!
The deadly magnificent Yellowstone

Imagine walking in a park peacefully enjoying the view... and then you realize the entire park is a supervolcano. What a beautiful experience.

Yellowstone supervolcano

Well, in fact, it’s a National Park, not a regular one. The Yellowstone National Park is indeed spectacular, but what's the most interesting thing about it? It can explode at any moment now. That’s right – the latest time it had an eruption of magnitude 8 was 640,000 years ago.

If the supervolcano had another eruption of the kind, it could spew ash for thousands of miles across the country causing great damage to buildings and power plants. It would be a disaster. But don’t be scared! It is very unlikely to happen. So don’t hesitate to visit the National Park, walk there peacefully, and enjoy the view!

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